parallel record

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flowers from the man who shot your cousin hapless

[ligação retirada a pedido do autor]

9 comentários a “parallel record”

  1. Anonymous Mojo Pin 

    Bem isto é lindo...adorei, era esta a tua sugestão para mim? Bem, se era acertaste:) Estou a adorar, obrigada, muito bom*

  2. Anonymous Mojo Pin 

    Tive que voltar aqui para te agradecer de novo, isto é fantástico, já não ouvia algo assim há muito tempo* Obrigada*

  3. Anonymous fdv 

    de nada.

    é um projecto muito bom.

  4. Anonymous Flowers From The Man Who Shot Your Cousin 

    Hello there,

    I'm happy and proud to see that someone in Spain (I'm assuming it's Spain) liked my record enough to want to put it online in his blog. But I'm a little sad that you chose to give it away as if it was yours to give. I hate to sound stingy, but the people who aren't buying the album aren't helping, and, well, we could use the help and it would be nice if it came from the people who aparently like the music. So thanks for the appreciation, not so much for the friendly backstabbing.


  5. Anonymous fdv 

    hello morgan,

    even if the intension is to show your great music to some of my visitors, i shouldn't give it away.

    the link has been replaced by another link to your website.

    with best regards, from portugal,


  6. Anonymous Sô Ermelindo 

    É PORTUGAL Crl!!

  7. Anonymous Flowers From The Man Who Shot Your Cousin 

    Wow, I mistook Portuguese for Spanish. I guess my Spanish isn't what it used to be... at all... if it ever was. Anyway, thanks fo the change and feel free to use one song or two to show around. I don't want to come on as someone who is unilateraly against sharing files because I'm not. And I know that by now the whole album is probably easy to find on the internet. I just don't want to give the impression that that makes it alright to download the whole thing offhandedly. The smaller the record label, the more crucial it is to actually buy the music. Again thanks.


  8. Anonymous intruso 

    ...a música é muito boa! :)

    obrigado pelo link

  9. Anonymous corpo visivel 

    uma boa descoberta, sim.

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